Business Plan

This section takes a look at the currently competing technologies in this field, the current demands in the market, barriers to entry in the market, factors that affect the market and economic viability .

Products and Services

Quantum Applications has expertise in Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing & Project Execution in High Pressure Engineering and the expertise in molecular separation sciences where we utilize green solvents like Carbon Dioxide as a separation media in Supercritical state. We have successfully designed, engineered and built supercritical fluid extraction plants.

Quantum Applications has built Indias first experimental Supercritical Water oxidation (SCWO) reactor - a powerful tool in experimenting on various pioneering technologies in Nuclear, Petroleum, Defense, Aerospace, Environmental Protection and Energy to name a few.

Quantum Applications has successfully used Supercritical Fluids in the development of manufacturing process of nano particles. With our expertise in novel high pressure engineering designs, Quantum Applications has successfully engineered deep sea Divers Vessels in compliance to ABS/ASTM codes.- currently used by ONGC.

Quantum Applications has successfully developed technology to build a modern bio gas plant wherein secondary purification of methane is integrated to use bio gas as a auto fuel. We have developed a path breaking novel supercritical extraction method of nuclear strategic materials from solid and liquid matrix. Also, developed a technology to de-contaminate nuclear wastes by using supercritical media.

We have designed a method to separate Trans mix oils (on site) formed at supply despots when petroleum products are transported from refinery to supply despots. The highly efficient and cost effective process can separate HSD from Motor spirits or other products to recover valuable fuels at Despot levels.

Quantum Applications has designed the method of upgrading tar and heavy vat bottom oils into different fractions in super critical water reactor and the process of converting waste rubber tyres into hydrocarbon oils in supercritical water reactors. The methodology is non pyrolytic.

We have also designed the process of converting waste plastics into hydrocarbon oils.

In the field of dairy engineering, we have developed the process of separating fats from milk, cholesterol from fats and developed an alternate super efficient process to pasteurization at low temperatures thus maintaining the product integrity and taste values.