Red Mud

The Ultrasound technology today is at a ' take-off ' stage. Using ultrasound assisted EOR in a country like India, may prove its usefulness as by default India has very few oil reserves when compared with the rest of the oil producing countries. If the first few steps are taken in confidence, a clean, green and an efficient technology will come here to stay.

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An Introduction To Red Mud

This section gives an introduction to this project of Red Mud, stating its constituents and the process of purifying it.


Red mud shows compositional features of the materials.Rounded shape of red mud particles is responsible for extremely high friction angles, most of minerals are cubic or prismatic shapes.


Utilisation of RM has been a subject of major scientific research. An astonishing high number of potential uses has been reported in the literature or patented. For the decade 1967-1977 only, there have been cited 193 published papers and patents [A. Kontopoulos et al]. The various uses include metallurgical ones (iron and steel production, titania, alumina and alkali, minor constituents recovery), production of building materials (constructional brick, light weight aggregates, bricks roofing and flooring tiles, cements etc), catalysis, ceramics (pottery, sanitary ware, special tiles and glasses, glazes, ferrites) and other miscellaneous direct uses (in waste treatment, as a filler, as a fertiliser, etc). Reviews on this subject have been also published.

Present & Future